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Just checking back after a long time ...

Just wondering how the game is going.

How many players are there present at any given time on any continents ? More then 200, less then 100 ?

The answer might be "enough". As Moniq has mentioned, it depends on the time of day. When it is early evening in Europe there is a maximum, but there is also a minor peak when Australia and Eastern Asia come online. (No verifiable numbers, just based on the observations of me and my guild.)

Where is the original company that created Ryzom ? They completely dropped this ? Only volunteers are working on it ?

Nevrax went bankrupt in 2006. Ryzom was then sold to GameForge (*ptui*) which ran it into the ground until the time of the Great Darkness in 2008. Winchgate bought it and brought it back to life later in 2008, and condensed the servers to one in 2012. Recent developments such as the Scenographic Editor and Pocket Worlds (now in beta) convince me that Winchgate is not planning to close the game any time soon.

In terms of content, the Ranger Faction is now totally real, with the activation of the Ranger Rite. Having just completed that Rite (two tries) -- it's amazing. There's a whole new area that is filled with life, and a mission that is actually worth doing because it is relevant to the Faction, not just a "spend this, do this 5 minute mission." The reward in addition to the Faction title and chat channel, is a method of travel to PR that looks to be an adventure in and of itself.

I am just wondering if it is worth playing Ryzom again. I haven't found a game that I could play for more than 6 months.

Other than Ryzom? Or including Ryzom? If that is a global statement, then that means that you have some very stringent conditions on what makes a good game for you. Ryzom is being continually (if slowly) developed. If you approach it with the attitude that you expect to be disappointed, you will be. There have been changes since you last checked in. Check them out.


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