[GFX] Any plans on increasing graphic or just texture improving ?

I am back after a long time. I was wondering about Ryzom on where it is now and its doing.

I know this is an old thread, but its my thread. After all this time, still no plans to transition to another game engine ? There are free engines outthere like Unity, Unreal4 and so on.

I am assuming no one has graphic skills and that would explain why there are no such projects. If not, then why ?

If you guys have been at it for so long, then why not ?

Ummm. Going to a new engine would, I think, a total recreation of all the models, animations, buildings, etc. Yes? No? Would Unreal4 take the art resources of Ryzom with no modification? And what, in your opinion, would be the benefit of changing engines?

If seamless transition is not possible (and I have very grave doubts that it is) where are you looking to find the people to do it? As far as we know, Ryzom (Winchgate) has 1.5 paid Devs (Ulukyn and Riasan) and a number of very dedicated volunteers. There is some graphics work -- some new items in game and some new landscape items, but it does depend on volunteers.

Other than that, the game is doing fine.


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