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[Trykers] Letters to Ailan Mac'Kean

This time the letter is delivered by a typically lakelands coloured Izam, bearing again the official emblem of Windermeer. Opening reveals a hastily written note in nearly unreadable handwriting.


Whatever previous issues were discussed at the assemblies are of no relevance anymore, the Kitins made their way up again from the depths.
There are reports of them from the Verdant Heights as well as the Witherings, all of which I can confirm first hand. So far there is no sighting of them in our beloved Aeden Aqueous but this might have already changed by the time you receive this letter. We have reports of their tunnels and rudimentary camps being destroyed in Loria though.
The watchers are informed.
I will rally the guards of Windermeer as well as arming every Tryker I come across. Starting the coming week, Windermeer will begin training every homin capable of holding a sword. We should also immediately call an assembly to discuss the Federations next steps and set up proper defense perimeters.

By Jenas name and for her glory,
Nejra Mayuri Arya Korjenic
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