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Bunny Tools 3.0 - Bugs, Ideas, Feature Requests, Comments

It's basically the same Spreadsheet tool from 2 years ago (dunno if ya used) , only expanded to include Jools, Amps and Ranged.  It took 12 years to get this far :) .... wonder if I'll live long enough to finish.  Unfortunately, when the base damages were chnaged over the years, at least pre-merge, the data was in patch notes.  Since you doing in head, do you have "the numbers" ?

1.  Theoretically these could be added ... just let me see if I understand

(13) Increased Damage stanzas
(13) Increased Hit Rate  stanzas
(11) Bleed Stanzas

I never investigated what the numbers were or what part of the equation they might apply to.  I never did figure out how the game does dodge / parry, but knowing the breakpoints and limits I made up my own work around formula based upon a trick I remembered from a structural design program that I wrote in 1973 (Fortran - punchcards) rounded beam depth to the nearest 1/2 inch (mainframe only could round up to nearest whole integer).

Most of the formulae involve establishing the min and max values first based upon skill levels, and then applying boost and precraft % to the differences between them where its essentially Value = a + (b - a) x % x boost).  How hard this would be will depend on whether the numbers from 1 - 3 are a logical progression and what parts of the formula they apply to.

2.  I think think that part will be done automatically.

My thinking inteface tho would be that there would be a checkbox for what we were adding (Inc Danmage for Melee / Hit Rate on Ranged) and a input box where ya put the level.

This something I can take a shot at immediately for the SS version if ya like.  As for the IG version, I think I have abused the generosity of our WebIG programmer and host for the time being.  If you'd like to help with the numbers since it sounds like you have got a good head start already. I'll start right away fiddling with the SS.  Will see if I can find where thes efactors are aplied in the game code but my skillz are weak here.


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