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Hallo homins

The new version of Fame tracker has been released. It is a tool that displays your current (and more accurate) fame to tribes, civilizations and high powers.

What is new

Besides changes and development in backend and several fixes, the most visible change is new section Planet from where you can browse known Atys regions and locations. Part of those changes is also a system to generate dynamic maps. Unfortunately to add coordinates to all locations (or even add all places of Atys) takes time so at this moment mostly already used locations exist and only part of those have valid coordinates.

Fame overview table has been re-written to better reflect guild activity and allow sorting by more columns. Tables with locations or NPC homins are also newly sortable by columns.

About and privacy changes

There are some new specifications in About section of this application. You should take a moment to read about information as well as privacy policy details. All feedback about this statement is welcomed.

Usage and installation

You can run the application IG using command /appzone 2132 from any chat window or install Fame tracker from App zone. All suggestions are welcome.

Before you start, the tool requires you to enter a valid API key. Then the first update can be done ...

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