Atysmas 2017

Oh, Atysmas Tree!

It is the largest and most beautiful of all Atysmas trees!
The Lutrykins planted it in a hidden magical place and it shelters special presents under its branches! Can you find it and harvest it?
Be warned that it is well defended. It will not be one or a few people with a saw or axe that can cut it down!
Bring all your friends and share the Atysmas Spirit!

[OOC]A mysterious Atysmas Stele will appear at the entrances to the capital cities and the Marauder camp. Touch it and be transported to the magical Atysmas Forest. You will need to find the Tree to harvest it. Bring your armor, for the tree has guardians. Bring your axes and your amplifiers. Make sure you have space in your bag for loot. Most of all, bring your friends.
The Atysmas Stele will only be active (clickable) when the Tree Boss is active. Teleporting to the forest will put a return teleport ticket into your Special Bag.[/OOC]

Gifts for Mr. Snow

Mr. Snow, a very rare snowman who talks, wants your help to find very special gifts for the Atysmas Village. The Gifts are hidden, however, and he needs your help to find them. You will find him in all the capital cities and at the refugee camp in Silan. Can you help him? He will be very grateful to you if he can achieve his goal with your help.

[OOC] Players in the mainland will need access to all four continents. Players in Silan will travel all over Silan. This event can only be done once by each homin. [/OOC]

Do You Hear What I Hear?

There is a Yubo in Atysmas Village that has something in its fur. Oh, look! It’s a flute and some sheets of paper. One of them has markings on it for a tune. Your challenge is to learn to play the flute and perform the music in special places. That will yield more information, more pieces of the tune, and the ability to write your own tunes.

[OOC] The music only plays at the client level, so is not audible in the Around channel. However, you can trade your written tunes to other players so that they can hear them as well. Created tunes can only be edited by the creator.[/OOC]
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