[Matis] The Taste of Sap

“I’ve heard enough. Bottiri has nothing more to say, and he’s guilty of high treason by attacking my capital and trying to kill one of my councilors. He deserves death and nothing else.”
Elran Antolli bowed silently at the cold sentence of the Karan. No one had asked for his opinion, but he would have made the same analysis if he had been. He left Stevano’s office with a last respectful bow. But a doubt was still tormenting him. The prisoner had not been willing - or more probably not been able - to tell who the other Nobles involved in the True Sap were. Only that there weren’t so many of them. And there was something else. Another detail was still escaping the leader of the Guild of Karavia.

The heralds were already announcing the Karan’s decision throughout the Kingdom when he finally discovered what it was. He called for Savia Danco in a hurry: “Did someone decipher those references at the bottom of the parchments we found in the camps?”

And everywhere the news were spreading: The Karan was going to sentence a Noble for high treason on 15h - Dua, Folially 14, 1st AC 2596.

[OOC]The players who deciphered the puzzle can propose (post) their solution(s) to Elran Antolli below this post before the event. A part of Saturday’s event will depend on the accuracy of these answers.[/OOC]
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