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Fyros, the four pillars, and dignity

Consider, Daomei, that:
• the 2012 merger did not less upset the French community (or the Anglo-American, for that matter) than the German one (alas, the good old times are forever gone);
• no matter the good that one wants you, blackmail at subscription cancelling is at best misplaced, at worst ridiculously pretentious (you well know that Atys will survive without your contributions, as valuable as I judge them);
• although Nilstilar shares your aversion to the Fyros Legions, the player who animates him must confess his high esteem for the players animating them (Ryzom is a game);
• if you were to leave many would miss you very much, as I miss Ozwomen despite our stormy relations (do not make this world a vale of tears, like the other).


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