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Fyros, the four pillars, and dignity

(OOC: The issue is with the latest fyros event and some general problems with roleplay in the desert )

I want to bring to your attention the problems of my sister, Ranger Companion in charge of the Burning Desert, Daomei Lin Carthan.

Daomei has lived all of her adult life in the burning desert. To settle there was a logical decision as already her parents had lived in ancient Fyre before the first great swarming. In a way, she is a mutt of tryker and fyros: seela meer tryka are as compelling for her as the four pillars. Other than most oafish fyros she is aware that freedom is the rock bottom on which the four pillars rest: only free people can follow the four pillars. This is why slavery never got a foothold in the desert.

Moreover, Daomei has worked hard to get acceptance in her chosen homeland. She was in third place of those discovering the causes of sharükos Dexton's disease, and fourth in harvesting the materials for his cure. She has been decorated by sharükos Dexton personally for her efforts, he bestowed her an axe of honor in front of the whole audience in the Agora, (These objects have been destroyed during the second swarming which does not make it undone).

After the return from exile after the second swarming, she was in charge for the destruction of the kitin mounds in the desert, and personally disposed of more than half of them. Again, she received praise for that service by sharükos Lykos.

It was quite natural so far that she was entrusted with the diplomatic liaison to the desert as Ranger Companion. Unfortunately, a productive relationship only developed with the at that time Akenak of Dyron, and Akenak Lerya from Pyr, who sadly resigned and left the post vacant. From Thesos, she never received other than mockery and hostility. One significant occasion was the joint effort of desert and theocracy to fend off the kitins, where the sharük had to deliver launchers to the theocracy. After Daomei had provided nearly half of these weapons, the then Akenak Icus (Lopyrech) slandered her that those weapons (of better attributes than his) would be worthless and probably sabotaged. In that way, most Thesos Fyros, especially from Legion Fyros, continued to insult, harrass, and slander. Never, the diplomatic status have been recognized or accepted, or the least respect shown.

Admittedly, after an innumerous amount of attempts to reach acceptance, or at least tolerance, Daomei gave up and started to fight back. One field of conflict is the wielding of weapons in public.

In her notion, the peoples of the desert (that is not only Fyros Patriots, which would be ridiculous, but all Fyros - most of them incapable to afford the 100k dappers to apply for citizenship - as well as all loyal desert dwellers) have always been a people in arms, under the leadership of sharükos and the imperial armed forces. We have not won our new territories by discussions, trade, meditation, or polished manners, but by the strength of our arms, our weapons, and our armour. We did not care for special colours of the clothes of our elected leaders which Thesos Akenak love to discuss endlessly. In our assemblies, we proudly displayed our most valuable armour and strongest weaponry, as a force able and willing to defend and expand our nation, the sword and shield of sharükos and the sharük.

Being in arms and gear was so significant that not being allowed to was considered a shame and a humiliation. There was once an incident when a hot headed Taliar of the Trykers (Dachsli) threatened an Akenak of the Fyros during a dispute with his weapon in an assembly, undisputeably a grave transgression. In retaliation, he was denied the right to wear arms during assemblies in the Agora. This affair caused serious diplomatic tensions between the sharük and the Federation, and caused the Taliar in question to shun Fyros assemblies altogether to avoid the shame.

The same shame is now imposed by the Thesos gorillas to every loyal desert dweller. While Daomei was always willing, abiding to the pillar of discipline, to respect a (stupid) decision of the Akenak in 2571 (if I recall correctly) that weapons have to be laid down during assemblies, she resisted the defecation of our traditions by coercing her to lay down weapons outside assemblies in the Agora or elsewhere, and even in her favored pub at fountain square. That is the attitude of slaveholders or herders towards their sheep, and an insult to all the peoples of the desert.

Daomei is aware that the Fyros of Thesos, whose contributions to the wellbeing of the sharük she recognizes and is willing to praise, hold different views. But if there is a tendency to erase the traditions and manners of the rest of the desert, she cannot accept that. Moreover, the lack of respect for the position of a Ranger Companion in the desert makes cooperation close to impossible.

(OOC: If that does not change, Daomei and me will terminate our accounts before end of year)
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