[Matis] The Taste of Sap

While the raid on Yrkanis was still in everyone's mind, pamphlets started to circulate in the city. On each of them, one could read these quatrains, which a conscientious handwriting had meticulously copied.

Stevano in his youth,
Indifferent to the plebs,
Of his fine ephebe's oaths
Has charmed the ancient nobility.

Alas, at the outset of his reign,
Was Her Highness compelled
In breaking relentlessly
Each of his promises.

Too long its entire Court,
While despising his weakness,
Out of respect for the Queen Mother
Has waited for her to disappear.

The Forest’s elite alone,
Reckoned that wisdom,
Was a paltry councillor,
And went out of its laziness.

Thus the inheritors' kind
Recruited the worst kind
Of swordsmen and mercenaries,
Thanks to its riches.

There was no longer any retreat
Or frontier, or stronghold,
Where from the flesh of aesthetes,
Its ragus does not feed.

Of Matis, it will never cease,
To invoke the true sap,
Separating from its chaff,
The wheat of the Goddess.
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