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I only played with it a few minutes, but is there any way to see max fame as a number ?
You mean your maximal fame with current allegiance? No, those data are missing yet. Do you have any details about what maximal fame is allowed by all combinations of allegiance?

If we can provide any additional assistance in filling out the NPC tables, give a yell.
Let me know if you meet any NPC with name and title not being in database.

Or if you are going to expand, to include things like for each NPC:

Busted Missions
Impossible Missions (or nearly)
Craft Missions w/ mats neeeds (so ya can go prepared)
Kill Missions

... would be glad to provide the info collected to date.
Besides some changes i did for next release, one of future steps will be database of skills (i need it to identify what is user possible to do) and then database of interactions for each NPC. One of interactions will be missions, ie we will have to add every regular mission to every NPC including required fame, level, earned dappers, cooldown, if broken and fame change (small/medium/big rise/lost to every affected fame). With that we will need help, because EVERY mission will have to be done at least once. Including rites and sage. But wait for more precise instructions and I am sure it will be devided into more steps.
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