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Hallo homins

I would like to inform you about the new version of Fame tracker tool. This release brings some changes and new features for users as well as extensions in the background that will help to enrich the tool even more in future releases.

You can install Fame tracker from App Zone or run command /appzone 2132. Before you start, the tool requires you to enter a valid API key. Then the first update can be done ...

What is new for users?

The list of NPC homins was extended to cover nearly all main NPCs around Atys. Most likely this list is still not complete and it is also possible that some fame requirements are not accurate. We welcome any information about missing (mission giver) NPCs or corrections about missing or wrong fame requirements.

Some will argue that the list by each tribe/civilization/HP is too long. Yes, it is. Please understand that this is just the beginning. For future versions, we plan to extend all homins in the list with the type of interraction so it will be possible to filter and search NPC by type of interaction and missions as well as affected fames.

Civilizations and High Powers now work similar to tribes so you are able to see their locations and list of all related NPCs. Some of those require you to have sworn a specific allegiance. In order to check your allegiance the Fame tracker newly requires that your API key also contains section C01. If not, the tool will request you to enter a (new) key before you are able continue.

While there are a lot of NPC you can interact with, users are newly able to browse them in section Titles by selected type, title and location and see all NPC details. It is also possible to search NPCs by name.

Another new section is dedicated to New Horisons services. In one table you can see an overview about services based on your current fame and the other table shows the fame levels that affects New Horizons services.

This release also contains some fixes of known issues, like a better look IG or broken locales as well as few changes to improve the usability.

What is new in the background?

We have an user interface to manage NPCs and set their required fames. This will still need more work in the future (because different actions with one person might require different fames) but for now it allows to give users some basic knowledge about fame/allegiance requirements.

Some changes have been made to integrate the tool with others. Tribe locations are sored in the same database as guild halls and Atys locations and there is another database ready to cover tribe relationships the same way as you can set relationships for your guilds. This table is shared as well and that allows you to set a specific tribe as friend or enemy of your guild. Future versions of Fame tracker will cover this once tribe relationships will be introduced.
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