Trytonian Notebooks (from French Wiki)

Thanks for the translation :) I believe the notebooks were originally given to the players around 2005 (the first time Elias was seen) - the history of the wiki page says it was filled june 2, 2005. I took the liberty of adding this in the english wiki (http://en.wiki.ryzom.com/wiki/Little_trytonian_notebooks & linking from french page).

I agree on the overall text, there is no way this has been written by an homin. Multiple uses of words like metal, genetics, terraformation, industrial colonisation ... that wouldn't make any sense in an homin's mind. Not to mention the whole part about totalitarism - I really doubt there is homins studying political science on atys who theorized any political system, much less the 5 aspects of totalitarism ...

For me it's simply an analysis by a human player of the documents available at the time - not something that would be accessible by homins characters.


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