Trytonian Notebooks (from French Wiki)

Some comments:

The three part series as published in the French Ryzom Wiki seems to be a sort of disclosure of so far hidden Lore of Atys, from the perspective of a Trytonist scientist or historian. It may be connected to the recent event series in the desert.

Yet, I see some imperfections in the text, more exactly breaches of roleplay, anachronisms, and contradictions.

First of all, there is the accusation of "totalitarianism". The critique is twofold.

First, the term "totalitarianism" is disputed in political science, especially the ideal type fashion in the tradition of Brzesinsky/Friedrich to which the enumeration resembles. It is noteworthy that Hannah Arendt, who is widely (though not fully correctly) seen as the creator of theories of totalitarianism, passionately opposed that style of "theories" which in fact played more a political role in cold war (apologizing the abundant tyrannies, military dictatorships and despoties on the "good" western side) than leading to knowledge and enlightenment.

Second, and more important, it is not to see how any homin of Atys may have an understanding of such a term, and many may not even see a point in accusations against patronizing and oppressive rule. Of the four nations, three have sorts of at least authoritarian rule of a king, an emperor, or a theocracy (coming closest to "totalitarian" rule of ideology).

The principle of freedom of the homin is openly embraced in the federation only, while it is implicit to the four pillars in the Desert, the precepts of the desert. The Rangers' precepts, too, have freedom, and equality, too as a prerequisite, and Trytonists may have it as well, while the principles of the Marauders' clans embrace oppression of the weaker. The accusations raised against the Karavan would hardly resound with most homins, even if outlandish terms like "totalitarianism" would be understood.

Also I have some problems with terms like "terraform" in such a pamphlet. Terraforming is a hypothetical technology which can hardly be understood on the level of development on Atys.

I think therefore that the document should be overhauled a bit. Otherwise it is fascinating indeed.


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