Trytonian Notebooks (from French Wiki)

The little trytonian notebooks - 3

Anonymous collections of Trytonian propaganda, found in the underwater libraries of Fairhaven.

1 Preface
2 Third Booklet
3 Elias according to Fyros
4 Elias according to the Trykers
5 Elias according to Matis
6 Elias according to the Zorai
7 Analysis of data


What I shall reveal in the pages that follow may cost me my life! The Karavan and the Kamis would not hesitate to hunt me down and blow up the city where I will take refuge! I therefore keep anonymity in order to preserve my life and that of those close to me!
Nevertheless, all that you will read is the truth and the fruit of very long scientific research, extremely dangerous explorations and fruitful readings in the underwater libraries of Fairhaven!

Third Notebook

Here I will deal with Elias Tryton using the references of the four homin peoples! The works Fyros, Tryker, Matis, and Zorai were read carefully to produce this document.

Elias according to the Fyros

The elders speak of a man in a halo of fire that descended from heaven in a flash of light. He appeared before a small number of elected representatives during the Great Swarm and told them how to lead their people safely through a rainbow.

Elias according to the Trykers

Elders of the Trykers tell the story of Elias, a man in white, who appeared before them during the Great Swarm of 2481 to explain how to guide the homins in safety through a rainbow. The surviving "survivors" think that Elias is none other than Jena's husband, in which case he would be the divine father of Atys! Thanks to Elias, many Trykers were able to fill the lack of a holy father. Everyone knows that it takes two to give life to a homin! This notion corresponds to their utopian dream of living as a couple and having a lot of children.

Elias according to Matis

Some witnessed the "apparition" of Elias who descended from the canopy in a ray of light during the Great Swarm. The elders assert that he is actually a merciful messenger sent by Jena to allow them to take refuge in the Roots and to protect themselves from the kitins attacks of the Great Swarm. It is said that other messengers will come to raise the spirits of the Matis. Some rumors announced the arrival of a great force before the Great Swarm but the sacred texts were lost.

Elias according to the Zorai

Many Zoraïs believe that the appearance of Elias in 2481 was in fact the manifestation of a Great Kami. Three generations ago, he appeared surrounded by a halo of light to a few elected officials to show them how to guide the homins away from the Kitin-infested lands through a rainbow to distant lands, Relative safety of Prime Roots.

Data analysis
Elias Tryton must be a Karavan who took sides for Jena.
He descends from the sky in a halo of fire / light ... This does not seem to you like a spaceship descending from the sky ... Plus, the rainbows of teleportations ... His white garment like Jena then That the current Karavans are in red / gilded and Jena / Elias in white / blue / purple. And the trykers' mention of an intimate relationship Jena-Elias ...
Elias is a Karavan scout loyal to Jena who has a different uniform of the Black Karavans probably to distinguish the two camps during the ancient civil war on the space ship!


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