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[Fyros chronicle] Correspondence of Pephosse Aerus

to Melossen Aerus - Fortress of Thesos
The Tria, 22 Frutor, 4th CA 2593
oren pyr sel ûr malaka (*)

That's it, I managed to isolate myself in order to write to you. We arrived in Pyr early in the morning. The celiakos Ibiphan Dynix is participating at this very moment in a special session of the Senate. I was not allowed to know the agenda, but it must be a serious matter because a close guard was attached to us as soon as we arrived in the capital. The same treatment seems to have been reserved for all political in charge. You should see all these guards at the Imperial Palace! Between the security department and those who have been ordered to rummage each nook... I can not help thinking so many precautions are not of good omen! I will write to you as soon as I know more.

el ûr atalos, (**)

to Melossen Aerus - Fortress of Thesos
The Dua, 20 Pluvia, 4th CA 2593

oren pyr sel ûr malaka
I delayed to answer you because news are not good. I now know the reason for our summoning to Pyr. Abycus Zekops is dead! And that's not all. The circumstances of his death are troubling and an investigation has just been opened. As you can imagine, my stay in Pyr will linger. The Senate just appointed the celiakos Xalis Perimenix to lead operations. A strange choice when you think that he has taken his office only at the return of the second exodus. Apparently some saw him as the best chance to silence suspicions of influence threatening to sully the result of the investigations, since rumor runs that Apotheps family is making its own inquiry.
Working under the supervision of this grumpy old varinx Xalis Perimenix does not ravish me but I do not lose sight of the essentials: let the truth be fully made on this matter as soon as possible!My first task was to transcribe the testimony of several other officials. I did not really expect to go on the field, but, far from that, having to listen to Xalis reviewing the schedules of all the penpushers at work that day... For the moment only the audition of Xinna Cekaps was worthy of interest. Xalis questioned her about a letter found by the guards at her brother's.
The mystery seems to thicken a little more with each new testimony. At this rate, we are not close to solve the case! Of course Abycus had enemies! Which celiakos has not? But then being assassinated... at his age... and within the walls of the Palace! Something in this story does not make sense...
Are you sure you want to apply for the Senate? I had almost forgot what a kitin's lair it was. This poor Abycus hardly dead, some are already trying to take advantage of the circumstances to gain influence. This old climber Xalis Perimenix is really impossible. It remains to hope that his tenacity will lead us to answers!

el ûr atalos,

to Melossen Aerus - Fortress of Thesos
The Quarta, 16 Germinally, 1st CA 2594

oren pyr sel ûr malaka

ney of course I expressed my condolences to Dios Apotheps. This was not easy, given Lykos confined them to the palace, she and her sister, for their protection. I barely had not to get a form filled out to meet them. Me, a friend of the family!
However, since he learned it, Xalis Perimenix refuses that I continue to assist him. He challenged my fairness, and blamed me for not recusing myself earlier. The perfidious hypocrite! He just tries to lessen the influence of Dios, by dismissing her declared supports. I'm sure he already pictures himself occupying Abycus' office. I will be forced to follow the case from afar, from now on. The next depositions will be those of Dios and the celiakos Graphybus Ceros. Graphybus is a former soldier. It is said of him that he never takes part in a battle he is not certain of winning. If you want my opinion, you would have better not to neglect him. Abycus could always count on his support.
I almost forgot: before this unfortunate incident with Xalis, I was able to hear the sharükos addressing the Senate. He instructed Judge Aeryx Xan to start the public hearings as soon as possible. He also came back to the arrest of Euracus Cethus by the Karavan. In case you do not know, and you should know, he is a former celiakos who had sided the traitors on Atreus' payroll. He should have a bad time: the Karavan suspect him of being a Trytonist! The sharükos addressed a personal request for him to be entrusted to the Imperial Authorities in order to be audited in connection with the investigation of Abycus' death. The celiakos, on the other hand, were careful not to question the sharükos about the interest of the Karavan in meeting his wish.
I still saved good news for last: Xalis just returned from a field investigation with patriots and they found the daughter of Dios and Abycus.
You know, what happened makes me wonder about some of my choices. Abycus dedicated his life to the sharük and his task cost him so much! When I think about his daughter who will never have the chance to see him again, I can not help but think of you. Maybe it's time for me to retire, what do you think?

el ûr atalos,

(*) oren pyr sel ûr malaka = Hello my child
(**) el ûr atalos, = Your grandmother,
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