Fear the blade you cannot see.


The story begins here...

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Shuriiken is a weapon. A weapon that is necessary for the well being of Atys. While many have lost hope, and their will to fight the great evil of Ma-duk, who has not given up on his mission of taking over Atys, we must not. We must continue to fight. We must continue to grow stronger. We must inspire those who have given up their fight and live in a world they think is comfortable under the reign of Ma-Duk. We must restore the balance of powers on Atys, or we're all doomed. We must prevail.

[OOC] Shuriiken is a Marauder guild made for active, mature players who would like to play this game at a higher level than most do. We will train to be strong, strong enough to beat any odds, PvP and PvE included. All kinds of players are welcome, who want to be a part of bringing strength back to Atys. Whether you're a digger, crafter, hunter, or roleplayer, no matter the case there is a role for you here. You will be expected to fight though, as we are Atys' weapon! Our main goal at the end of the day will always be to have fun, but we will do what we can to restore power balance, as Kami have owned all Outposts for far too long.

What you can expect with Shuriiken:

PvP/PvE Training: This includes, but is not limited to levelling. There are high level methods to doing things such as hunting bosses, farming nameds, PvP, and yes, even digging. There will be some unpractical methods here not used by any other guild in general.

Group PvP: As a fighting guild, we will be tagged for open world PvP at all times. Especially since being Marauder, this is our only method of acquiring any PvP points, since we can't acquire faction points yet.

OP Battles: We are the weapon of Atys, so we will always be actively searching for opportunities to be involved.

Supernodes: This is a PvP event where many Supreme mats pop in a pvp zone down in the Prime Roots, we will be very active here, so that we can get these mats to continue producing the highest level of gear for our members.

Hunting: We will actively hunt NPC marauders, bosses, nameds, and pretty much anything deemed worthy of us getting our hands on.

Grinding: We will provide support for levelling as much as possible, and we will always recommend the fastest ways of doing so.

Foraging: Even though this is a Marauder PvP guild digging is an essential part of the game. If you can't dig in PR yet, you can help guard our diggers. If you enjoy digging, this can be your primary role if you wish.

Discord Server: This isn't a requirement but for battles and other things, its much easier to talk than type! Plus, its more fun!

If you'd like to join the cause, send a /tell to these players or click the name to send an in game mail:

Guildleader: Bucshotz(Atys)

High Officers: Virg(Atys), Dary(Atys)

Officers: Jahuu(Atys), Juubi(Atys)



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