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Additional colours and models for underwear.

In my homeland (Fyros) our underwear looks like Hospital grade incontinence pads, I am old but I don't want to wear incontinence pads just yet.

I want an AtysMart in Pyr where I can pick from 4 colors of 'Modern Fryos' underwear that I can wear for crafting, social events at the beach,  etc ...

I want Ryzom to remember my choice of underwear when I log out.

I understand that Trykers do not want to see us 'oldies' running around in their style shorts. (That is a pity as they look comfy for crafting)

I understand that some models of Armor might come with their own colors of incontinence pads 'built in' to the model so my choice of underwear may be covered up by another color/style at times, or that from some angles my real underwear may show through when wearing that Armor. (this is a 'feature' not a 'bug' - programmer humour)

I understand that players who use non-visible undies on their client (if they are naturalists) must appear to be wearing undies to the rest of us. (i.e. where people put their own textures in the clients /user directory to over-ride the server version it only affects the images produced on the client.)

Are there any ideas for colors that should not be allowed for each race - like 'skin tone' color?

Are there any suggestions on how a Tryker can look to another Tryker VS how a tryker does/ should look to another race - i.e do Trykers show their belly ring and Tat to other Trykers but not to us?

Do trykers only have one stlye of Tat?

Do trykers only have one stlye of belly ring?

Do belly rings and Tats come with the undies sold by Atysmart or are they a different VisualPropA/B/C attribute that we plan for but don't implement yet. (or plan for and implement a singleton now)

Are there any more 'Lore' (or legal) considerations or practical advice regarding underwear so i can see if it looks like a simple job to open a new store in Fryos, I want to order the stock from AliExpress asap so i can get the stock on the shelves for Christmass. Some free Christmass advertising might be good - 'Hack that provided premium swimwear to unsubscribed players in Ryzom has been removed - rumors that it still exists in the DarkWeb grow'


NO, this discussion will not include modifying the size/shape of the 3D model for the contents of the underwear - that requires some 3D software that I don't have and would require user interface changes and any 3D models that i make look deformed. You could start another discussion -  'New crafting profession - Plastic Surgeon' or maybe a new zone 'Thailand' or we could get really modern and remove the limit of 2 genders.

Sorry if I am a bit matter-of-fact about this stuff but In the last 20 years I have not edited  software with less than of 4 birth genders + facility for multiple procedures relating to gender 'correction'. 
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