Collecting your interface woes

I find the lack of looting key annoying. Since looting is kind of required to progress in some quests and crafting and it's annoying my overall impression of the game is not positive.
I find it an effective anti-botting measure. Sure, it's sometimes a hassle to run up to your kill and press a button on a pop-up window, but when the alternative is a world full of bots, I think the effort of looting a kill the way we do it is a small price to pay. Think about it; how worthwhile would it be to try to hunt mobs if a few hundred homins had a script that targeted the nearest mob, killed it, looted it, and repeated the cycle with no human intervention at all? That'd make for a boring game, right? But with the macro system built into Ryzom, it'd be almost trivial to make such a script if there were a way to loot easier than we do now.
It is not a working anti-botting measure at all. It was somewhat effective for that 12 or 10 years ago, but not anymore for a very long time.
And other game publishers know that a measures like this doesn’t keep ppl from botting, thats why in every other game I can loot with a keyboard key or even fully automatic.

What would be the advantage of looting while botting anyway? Faster re-spawn, but while you are botting what would you need faster re spawn for? The mats from fight training are not worth anything on sale either.
And for digging, I’m sure a bot for digging needs to be so advanced that looting is not really the matter there.

Besides, double-clicking on a dead mob will make you run over to the corpse and pop open the loot dialog anyways. Three clicks and you got loot! Why not use a button you already have a finger on all the time anyways instead of having to remeber yet another keybind?
And I have different habits, I don’t have my finger on the mouse button all the time, I have to move my right hand back and forth from the keyboard.
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