Collecting your interface woes

Thanks fore the replies. Seems some of the problems fall in the "no tutorial for it" category - because they work differently in Ryzom and because new people need to learn about it anyway even if it's the same as in every other game.
You can target with the keyboard (hit k for the keys settings, action keys), if thats not sufficient you can use macros, to target very specific and even combine the target action with other actions.
In fact we have no auto-loot or key for that, it’s a feature in maybe all other mmos I ever played.
I find the lack of looting key annoying. Since looting is kind of required to progress in some quests and crafting and it's annoying my overall impression of the game is not positive.
You train, spend the skill points and eventually learn to see what is inside a node before you dig it. And you learn to prospect only specific materials and qualities. When you are on main land, you can care plan for a high lvl player, that gives usually very good xp.
I can understand it may take skill to see quality of a piece of bark or to prospect for it but once it is on the ground you should be able to see it is a piece of bark without any skill whasoever.

It is against logic and against new people to have only mysterious green globs.


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