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Node and Mob Shifts

Ryzom E-Mail Support Responses

"I have experienced the same thing with my own characters. The placement of forage nodes are functionally generated and they are influenced by a number of compiler options. The reason for the stability over a long period is most likely due to the compiler options remaining constant. However, recently there have been a number of server patches which have used different compiler options, so we are experiencing these unusual offsets."

"It is likely that the compiler options used will stabilise again and we should be able to reply upon our forage spot markers. Obviously with all the recent changes to both the client and server code, I cannot give you any accurate time as to when this will happen."

"For those players who are popping every forage node in a 60m radius, they are unlikely to notice the movement of the forage spots. It is only when you are popping with no range or up to around 20m that it becomes seriously apparent."

From my experience, when i stand on a  flag I have been using since 2005, a flag which is next to a white dot on the grass that isn't big enough to fit 2 toons, and I cant get a pop or a message unless I move > 40m, that seems different at least to me.

Anxious to see effect of new patch.


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