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New "towns"

There are so many of those camps, I wonder if anyone knows all their locations.
From my guess it’s two camps in each 250 region and one in each lvl 200/150/100 region.

I also think their should be „more“ about them, I like the idea of a static merchant, like a hawker, but with useful sales, like bales, piks etc.
Those camps should be mentioned on ballisticmystix.net.

I don’t like the idea of more NH, because it spoils exploration/trek for new players.
(Except, I’m nonetheless in favor of connecting the 4 capitals by meanings of teleportation, it would make teaming for new players a lot easier, and there still is plenty to explore/trek.)

And for the „NH product use up problem“, my suggestion still is double the number of products used up with one port (from 5 to 10). That would ease things a lot, instead of a maximum of 8 ports, one would only need a maximum of 4 ports, to make Nh willing to take products again.
(And „fix“ of the message for full/cool-down, because confusion easily leads to frustration.)
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