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New "towns"

I'm suggesting adding a New Horizons to few places where overseers and guards are already located. Since there is already some structures, it could be seen as natural upgrade to a small town with own names (reply suggestions for names! =D). Perhaps stable too or even just NPC that sells bales and who could buy your wares. Trainers might be too much, like all different merchants would make the places too full of NPC's.

Highest motivation for me to post this is having newer (but not nessessarily low level), unaligned Homins in a team and they dont have that good access to some training or digging spots, like Void, GoC, Scorched Corridor and Trench of Trials (well done Lakeland, Avendale and HH kara TP are very well located!). There are doable ways, but they are taking lots of time and/or are quite dangerous.

It could also add usage of New Horizons so returning occupation products could get a bit easier ;). They could be more pricey than the 3k tho, even for citizens with 100 fame so it wouldnt be too convinient.


Maiden Grove - Guards north Sai-Shun Stronghold

It would ease neutrals access to Void (not too much, but a bit). If there's bales to be sold, Magnetic Cartographers would appreciate it I bet.


Knoll of Dissent - Torbak Trail Hill (this one would be most important IMO)

It would bring GoC closer to neutrals, it's about halfway to GoC from closest neutral (Kami) TP.


Bounty Beaches - guards north of Fount vortex

Would bring neutrals a bit closer to Trench of Trials, would ease trekking from and to Jungle too (but mostly just cut the swimming a bit).


Guards in Flaming Forest, east of Woodburn Magic Pole

It wouldnt ease too much getting down to SC since the ramp is full of cuttlers.

Cant think of better spot (Secret Kami Oasis could do, but then it wouldnt be event city). The towns are very well located in Desert overall.

Ideas, better positions, "totally unnecessary, we want it hard in here", town names, all welcomed in reply's! =D


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