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Quality Inspection Report

Report from Quality Inspection on amplifiers
Date: Prima, Harvestor 07, 4th AC 2593

An unexpected inspection of goods on sale is well overdue on Atys - we homins must remember that what we put in our shops gives our "face" to all new comers and visitors to our shores

Beginning with Tryker shops in Fairhaven

Papablue is fined 5000 dappers for selling extremely sub standard goods (21/36%) at inflated prices (11k dappers)

Lysen is obviously a low level apprentice, possibly in her 2nd or 3rd year and is selling amps at a reasonable price but her quality is disappointing (60%). I suggest she seeks a new Master to learn her trade from - one which at least knows the various uses of exellent Zun

Calestra is selling appropiate quality (83%) and at a reasonable price (5880 dappers)

Foxy has Supreme amps on sale - 97% on statistics BUT power of elemental attacks is a little low at 63% therefore he is fined 5000k for overpricing (100k!)

I have placed some amplifiers on sale at just under 10k, they are 84% and crafted by Binarabi who has labelled them with her trademark, I believe this is a reasonable price and quality for level 250 grind amps and is an example of what other crafters should aim for - if not surpass

(I do think it is a matter of pride to label all crafted goods - perhaps even giving a little tip or two on vistas and sight seeing in the local area)

Jahuu has a very good standard of amps (84%) at affordable prices (648-1296 dappers) - I will refer to him again at the end of the report

Jahuu again has opened his marketing here - see end of report

Equlima is obviously a novice at crafting and hopefully the Master under which she serves will soon be advancing her crafting skills to improve the quality of her produce

Unfortunately I was unable to fully read the name of an appalling crafter - began with Zy... but they are charging 21k for very sub-standard goods (50%) and are fined 5000k

Zora land

Erva is starting out as a crafter and I am sure we will be very supportive of her efforts - if there is a Master who could offer their support to her endeavours then we can move her from quality 10 amps with 20/36% stats - no fine in lieu of her novice status

Xogeo appears to be a little further on but perhaps he also is lacking guidance 20/36% amps, selling very cheaply, so no fine

Yubina has obviously been crafting amps for some time and is selling a wide level from 50-225 at reasonable cost 2940-25k, perhaps Foxy could take note here (see above)

Asmodevsmogart (his mother must have been drunk and forgotten to separate his 1st and 2nd name when she named him) appears to be a promising apprentice (72%) though his price is a little inflated at 2197 dappers

Azura has excellent standard for grind amplifiers (83%) and a reasonable price (6k)

Finally I return to Jahuu - excellent standard 84% and excellent prices starting at 648 for the quality 50 up to 1296 for level 100 - This is the quality we need to show case to new homins, refugees and visitors. Not only are his prices and quality good but also he is making the effort to reach all markets -
As such he is awarded 500k dappers and is an example to us all, I salute his Master for his excellent training

(NB - I was unable to travel to the Desert but Fyros tend to be a beer swilling nation so my expectations are not high - with two notable exceptions of course)

(all fines to be sent to Lacuna's orphanage for those poor little children)
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