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Et quand je ne desire pas, pourquoi je conne le auctor? Et c'est le car du moralité le non...

(i m already waiting judicial criminal warn to testify against the company and the support, who bans and deleted my complaintment, so after my lawyer start to suiting nevrax and the support by deacated and omission, in this first seven, some of talks with my lawyer already done, as the dayly quests, my lawyer was instructed to pressure the company... and by omission, and deacated, i can start a forced acquisition of nevrax studios and the support, so passed some years, just ending more five and i will be able to play, thanks to support)

Im grandson Of Emperor D. Peter II of Brazil, by two great grand mothers, the Princess Isabel and the Princess Leopoldina. IN Europe, IM gran reat children, of Princess Annya, and Princess Carolina of Tuscany (from Vitor Emanuel).

And i will repeat, i want to play alone in first island at conclude all level, and no support will force me to play as he wishes, because i had my own plans like the forced acquisition)

And as ghost writer still colaborating with ryzom storyline, i intend to expand and fire many who doesnt hear my comply and only deletes...
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