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[Dev] Recent Lags on Atys

1. So if I am understanding you correctly ....

8:20 = 8.33 minutes per hour or 13,88%

So would it be safe to say that Zyroom or any of the other utilities we use could employ a fudge factor which is set by utility or input by user to better predict this ...

cc: Misugi :)

2. And was it always this amount or is this a new development ? i started w/ Atys Date Displayer beofre moving on the Zyroom and used to pay much more attention to season changes. From those recollections (read "pre-merge") .... I don't remeber ever being more than 20 minutes or so off over the course of the 4.5 days. Now we talking a 15 hour shift so a season lasts 5.125 days :(

3. OK, now I am PO'd... I been working at various occupations and missions ... somebody owes me overtime pay ... my 40 hours was really 45.5 hours ... where's my 5.5 hours at time and a half ?


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