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[Dev] Recent Lags on Atys

After each season change, I post the new date / time of the next season change in the Guild MOTD . I edited it yesterday and it was 20:11 UTC ... checked @ noon my time and it was 20:42 ... sent a PM to Tixi and, at the time I sent, it was being reported at 20:44 ... after we exchanged a few comments, it was 20:45.

Also numerous reports of game weather logging few minutes behind weather graph on BM.

I have not been bothered much by the rubberbanding, but what I see when using speed ... if i look at compass and feet moving across the ground ... the pace of my feet over terrain remains constant and I am not being set back 50m or whatever as with what we typically call rubberbanding.  OTOH, the vier or camera appears to be what is rubberbanding.


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