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[Fyros event] Dyron: The Treasury of the Empire, Part 2 (2017/05/03)

Lopyrech  --
I must disagree with your statement that saying that "those concerned" is inherently exclusionary.
That's just a logical fallacy. If you check the last matis meeting post, you'll see
Homins concerned: Matis Nobles and Vassals, Ambassadors and guests for the first part, and then only Nobles and Matis Vassals for the second part.
They specifically precised that ambassador could come because otherwise, when you read "Matis Noble and Vassals", you understand "only matis noble and vassal". If it wasn't "only matis noble and vassal", you would have said "everyone".

In the Matis example the exclusionary part is that everyone has to leave for the private part.  The word "guests" included all other homins, not guests of ambassadors.

The announcement for the Dyron event said: "Homins concerned: Patriots and Desert inhabitants."

When I am in the desert I inhabit it.  I should be able to attend.
If it had said "Homins concerned: Only Patriots and Fyros." that would have been a different matter, but it didn't.

This is strictly an HRP comment on my part.  I am sure that after this the event team will be sure to say something like, "Homins concerned: Patriots, Desert inhabitants, and other interested homins" to avoid further confusion.

-- B

In terms of role-play, it would seem to me that a pround Fyros would not be worried about "spies." Surely the might of the Empire is such that it can operate in complete openness to achieve its goals.


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