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Technical Support

Patch Issues 2017-02-24

Shorter solution to the "Patch Screws Up my GUI" problem:

1. Change your launch icon target from ryzom_client_r.exe to"


2. Launch using the abpove exe file and just hit "Play Ryzom" Bottom if you don't want to make any changes or Click on "Display" to make sure set to desired resolution. I use 1900 x 1000 windowed, leaving me 80 pixels of free space for utilities at bottom of screen.

3.  When a patch occurs, and it tells you to relaunch, screen resolution will be reset to 1024 x 768; let start up proceed to character selction screen and hit the Red X to close the game.

4.  Repeat step 2 above, changing the resolution to your preference, then hit "Apply" and "Play Ryzom" and all will be right when you arrive on Atys.


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