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Stop neglecting your shops!

Just came across this so coming in late. But I had no idea anyone actually "bought stuff" from the merchants. I have always just made it or asked sum1 else to make it. Never a charge if you BYOM.

Post merge, I'd put some stuff on merchnats, for example exe 250 LA (+2 Dodge) for reasonbale prices and more often than not, wouldn't get the bonus as it sold 7 days later. And Im talking at prices that you could get 3+ sets with 1 NH hand in.

As for grind stuff, usually always a bunny grinding craft who will gladly do it for the mats or even if folks don't have, if its something they are grinding will pretty much always do a choice / partial exe craft.

I know Skiy's been working on +165 sets and reports that she had a few sales but most of the stuff (LA and Jools) just sits there ... and that's with just 200% markup.

I know that i was quite frustrated when I found stuff that I "sold" that was bought and then put up for resale at 5 or more times the price. So for me, I just don't bother anymore. Ya want sumthin, click the " i " next to my name on fiends list, bring me the mats and I make it for ya ... no charge.


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