Discussion around zoraï event sequence: "Purple Gubani"

@rikutatis, this event is step 1 and occurs many times before next steps, be aware and maybe Be'Cauer will ask you some help :)

The problem is that my account is not subbed anymore, I can only read the forums ^^
I agree, specially for ongoing events, if you miss the 'announcement' you don't know how to take part, or even that it's still happening. Please can the Events team post a transcript of announcement events for those of us that don't play at that time?

That's usually something done by the players who participate in the RP governments (in the Zorai's case, the Awakened). I used to write reports of the events in the forums when I was active in them, so hopefully someone else would be willing to step up and start doing that again. It doesn't have to be a Zorai Awakened, I suppose, just anyone willing to write a short summary of the events for others to read.


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