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Potin du désert.

The matis was wandering in pyr's street, mumbling about the dust and heat, heading to his old appartment in lower piros street, when his wild part was leading.

In the corner of a street, he saw something mad and hairy running like a storm in front of him but to quick to see what or who it can be, leaving in its trail a flying scribbled paper.

Having collected it and laughed so hardly that the bottles of lydix should have jump on their shelf, he began thinking by saying to himself that such a masterwork could not remain hidden at the bottom of a bag, forgetting thus totally what he was doing here, he returned to Yrkanis.

After having collected an old low quality parchment, the feather of an old izam, he began writting a letter to the dribble chief of the désert newspaper.
For the editor-in-chief of honorable imperial newspaper,

Knowing your attachment for precise information and the fyros pillar talen,
I have to bring to your knowledge certain elements of information which will not miss to interest you excessively,
hoping to quickly see another brillant article which illuminate the cosy street of the desert city.

It is obvious that in regard of the higly important subject of this affair that i cannot wait the newspaper's release before starting to display it on informative pannel of the capital and his fortress.

An happy of himself reader who can't wait to see the next edition of his beloved newspaper.

After calming his own laugh and had a thought about the colateral damage that this picture release would do, he start making some copy of it.

We could then see in some strategic point of the desert and forgotten on some yrkanis stable the following picture:

OOC: No i am not the author of that picture, i am only the innocent messenger.


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