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Coin Stealer Malware Infection

Personally I would flag Kaspersky as idiots after several problems with the same game, but that's just me. You'd think they would learn what pattern in the game executable triggers their routines, analyze it, and whitelist it.

That's not how the industry works. First think about how many programs and apps exist on Windows, Linux, Mac, IOS, Android etc . Then think about the fact the Ryzom has about 500 users. It's not their job to seek out and test ever obscure application that exists .... if a false posituive occurs, it needs to be reported by the author and action will be taken. This happened with Kipeecraft and was addressed in a relatively short time.

Second this every time the code is changed as in a "patch" the whitelisted file is now a new file.... so the pacthed file is not on the white list. If version 2.887 of a file is 16,653 KB and the patched file is 16,654 it won't be white listed

How do we know that the file isn't infected or shows segment of code that is part of the serrch algorithym ?

I worked as a CSi Wizop for Time Waner and WUGNET for many years , we had to clear all submitted files / spplicatiosn befoe they would be placed in on-line libraries. Every file had to be cleared before the file could be accessed by the public and was scanned with multiple utilities. If it was flagged as infected, the author was notified, the author contacted the vendor and cause determined. A solution was available in a matter of days, soemtimes witha change in code, spometime with a chnage in AV database.


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