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Improvements on healing

Looking at this with an open mind, I will proceed to break down some ideas around the idea of a self heal focus.

From the beginning I will say it is not needed and would indeed cause balance issues but, let' see:

Setting aside supreme mats,

IF you had 1-2 cp'ers and a focus-healer out of team or even.. in team.. wow exp for that? What's going to happen...

Well... the digger will never run out of foucs
the digger can go all harmful and dig rather quickly with a cp'er and basically drain the entire node

What does this mean? Well.. if we have 3 real players, they could share the mats, but... as ryzom has shown me, one player will run all 3 toons so it will cause more problems than we'd like.

Now, if the healer got heal exp it would be a cheap way to 250 heal, so that would be bad because you'd have people who don't really know how to heal in risky areas , kinchers jugs even cratchas.. if they easy-healed

If one person did all this they'd have tons of mats very quickly, yes they'd have to do more work.. yes... one person has run 3-4 or even 5-6 toons digging at the same time, 3 healers 3 cp'ers and gotten lots of mats.

The moral is.. if you were to have a focus heal here... it would enable this to be very easy and cheap and unbalance the game, but, for people who REALLY want this, they already do it with multiple toons and alts.

As a rather good digger I will advise that, you will never ever ever run out of focus if you practice and pop nodes as you dig, especially if your cp'er is a real person who is also popping nodes for you and properly managing your bars for you.

Sure I sound like one of those "no don't do it that way, do it this way instead" people that sometimes i dislike but.. there are legit balancing issues here

If this is about adding real needed skills to healing, I support that but I'd say you need to rename your forum post to "heal other focus" or something like that

In terms of sup mats, people will run alts and drain things rather quickly if they are geared especially with boosted jewels and an op pickaxe and some healers, it would make worse the whole "if you don't get there first your share of the pie is rather small" problem.

I'd love to see more variety in the heal tree
At the moment I am so tired after work, I may never master healing because I absolutely need to be in a team for this

I'm not really complaining so much as saying.. well.. sure if we had some other ways to level heal without being entirely dependent on a team, it would be nice for me but... don't shoot me for saying it. I'm not saying I don't appreciate the team play dynamic of the game.

Maybe a healer can support a digger in some other way, with perhaps a different kind of spell. 5% chance to get +1 more mat , etc (just making it up) but not a heal-other focus


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