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Stop neglecting your shops!

He!!, I have seen such crap in the game ALL THE TIME. I have looked for some good things, which I do find on occasion, and I will buy them and store them in/on a packer.

I do that so that when they wear out, I can replace it with something I bought last year.

And the fact that the prices are so damn high, infuriates me even more. I imagine that the only people who buy these things just look at the price, and ignore the actual statistics.

There is one character (who shall not be named) who is famous for high prices on his crap.....

If a person that builds an item that is WORSE than a generic "potato", don't charge so high.

In my case, if it is a basic item/mat I ask for +250%, fine +500%, choice +750%, excellent +1000%, and I have never made a supreme thing, but I guess I would charge +2000%

... just saying.....


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