The Scenographic Editor is available!

I tested the Scene Editor for several hours now, I like it very much and I would use it a lot more if at least the crashes where fixed :)
Some bug report and feature request:

Things that need to be fixed (MacOS)
- always crashes when removing the last shape in a group
- sometimes crashes when removing shapes
- often crashes after a (successful) save
- character re-spawn in strange locations (after a crash) from Tryker/Matis/Fyros Terminal (Jungle is ok)
- a lot of shapes especially mobs have a wrong texture (with large arrows on it)

Already announced features
- scale X & Y & Z
- mobs and npc controlled by ai
- ability to invite other players
- all ring maps

Features that where in Ring (as far as I know)
- change weather, season and time of day
- Tryker plant shapes, I was not able to find any

Other features I would highly appreciate
- ability to duplicate changed shapes or copy/paste the transformation from one shape to an other shape
- ability to disable collisions completely
- limit the height of a collision shape to the double of the height of a homins collision shape
- change the name of a scene or delete it

And some more (less important)
- ability to move/rotate/resize items based on changing numeric values (the current way is already very good for most users, but for me it would allow me to work a lot faster with the editor)
- import/export a scene to/from a local file/folder
- make it possible to use the editor without internet connection
- make it possible for users to add tags to shapes and filter shapes by tag
- show a miniature preview image and/or a miniature preview of the texture used (depending on what is easier to realize)
- an additional camera that is separated from the character and that can be freely moved and the possibility to switch fast between the free camera and the normal character camera
- being able to export the existing texture of a shape, edit it (Gimp, Photoshop) and import it again to add it to the shape
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