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Client freezing in apartment - linux 64-bit

I'm having consistant freezes which do not return to the game when in my apartment, actions such as crafting are impossible, maybe 1 or two items before total freeze and a forced kill from the OS. Last freeze I just entered tried to turn around and exit, froze before the turn completed.

I'm not seeing this behaviour outside the apartment, I can craft, magic, dig no worries.

Tailed the client.log, nothing showing at the freeze point apart from the usual cluster of WRN messages.
Nothing in syslog to suggest an issue.
Nothing in Xorg.0.log to suggest an issue.

Recent changes : Debian forced me to switch from nvidia-legacy-340xx driver to nouveau as my card is no longer supported by the nvidia driver.

Details :
Debian Stretch 64-bit
NVidia GT220 1Gb gfx

Everything else is fine, no problems. No overheating on CPU or gfx (30c/45C)

Client re-installed, just in case, same issue.



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