[GFX] Reports of Ryzom Forge's meetings (Artist Group)

21st of november 2016

1 Creation of a Fyros defense tower (Aileya)
For the above mentioned event about the Fyros event, The Empire Shield, the graphics team is by now creating the necessary defense tower. It is almost finished already in its shape but needs some more work in texturing. Presuming next week we may can see it already ingame.
Of course it was also planned that players can go to the top of the defense tower, but unfortunately (at least for now) the technical (engine) restrictions are tying our devs hands, so I unfortunately cannot promise we ever could go on top but i am crossing my fingers ! How ever even if not, I hope you will enjoy it anyway!

2 Creation of a plant wall around Yrkanis (Aileya)
Next project after this one will be the creation of a vegetal wall around Yrkanis.

By the way both of these projects can also be found in the roadmap (the first ones you can see there - we are still working on the team itself):

3 Recruitment
So thats being said. We are always recruiting new graphics volunteers. if you may be interested in joining us and you are having a good hand on new creations (2D and/or 3D), please feel free to send a mail to


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