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Version 3.0 - Disconnects Disconnects Disconnets

That should hav fixed the immediate problem but not the ultimate one, and I think it did, although I didn't do what you said.

As it turns out, the ultimate problem, that being why the game itself wouldn't install, was caused by something else.

I was able to fix it because I found out what it was doing, by chance.

When the installer installed to the d:/ryzom folder, it wasn't checking there to see that there was enough memory in the d:/ryzom folder.

Instead, it was checking a folder I had previously deleted, namely c:/ryzom 2016. So it was coming up with the dialogue box that said you don't have enough memory to install the program (because the folder that it was trying to install to didn't exist).

I don't know why it was doing this, but it was.

When I remade the c:/ryzom 2016 folder with nothing in it, it then installed to that folder instead of the one it was directed to, being d:/ryzom, and I can now run the game.

This makes no sense, but it works.

Thanks for your help everyone :)

EDIT: Kervala, this is with the 64bit Win10 beta from your website.



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