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Version 3.0 - Disconnects Disconnects Disconnets

Nume: why do you have to use wine to uninstall Steam?

I used Wine to uninstall Steam after I went into Synaptic and tried to do a complete uninstall and looked through my Steam folders looking for a way to uninstall it. I also googled how to uninstall Steam under Linux.

As far as I remember I downloaded the Linux Version. Sometimes some programs use wine for what they say is their Linux version.

So in order to get Steam to completely remove itself I had to go under Wine to C:/Programs/Steam/uninstall.

I just know what worked.
Apparently players (and some CSRs :p) don't understand that if you change your client_default.cfg it'll be patched at next launch.

client.cfg is the only configuration file to change for client, it'll include client_default.cfg and overwrite values.

lol No I did not understand that. I know I was driving myself crazy changing it again and again.

I'm sorry if you got your feelings hurt Xiombarg.

The program would not let me log in.

Thank you for all the work you have done Xiombarg.
Why always complaining when there is something you don't understand ?

If you want to understand everthing just learn C++ and read Ryzom code :)

I just want to play the game.
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