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This V3 client is starting to be a pain in the neck

Seems i'm not the only one having trouble to get this v3 client running. I've spent hours just to get this game running under win xp AND under linux, but it justs fails on me.

Not sure what problems you have. Probably related to migration of old client to new directory structure?

You can take the Ryzom files, copy them to c:\Games\Ryzom, edit .cfg files and make sure they dont have absolute paths in them, and launch client directly from there as previously.

Ryzom Installer was required to simplify first install and also to get old clients that were released on 2012 back to patching. 1) old clients had patching disabled, 2) old clients were installed into location where user had no write privileges and so ryzom client required admin privileges to run.


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