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This V3 client is starting to be a pain in the neck

Hi there,

Seems i'm not the only one having trouble to get this v3 client running. I've spent hours just to get this game running under win xp AND under linux, but it justs fails on me.

I'm not complaining on a daily basis and i have some patience when it comes to the dev-team, i've been playing long enough to know how undermanned they are.

However this "forced" update doesn't work for me at all. I've been reading the post in this forum, trying things out, spending hours of tweaking and downloading and installing... instead of playing. This game is something i play to relax after a hard days work, now it just feels like working....

I still have an old v1 client installed wich i will use till the end of my sub, this ain't ideal, but hey it runs.

There will be some reasons why the dev's wants us all to use the same client, hence the forced upgrade. But please next time don't rush it..., and remember some of us only have limited IT knowledge....

I will be keeping my eyes on the forum and will only be joining this community again when the installing of the client will be error-free and user friendly. (hope this will be soon, very soon)

Meanwhile i'll be playing some other games , but i truly hope to see you all soon on that magnificent rootball we call Atys...
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