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[Ryzom Forge] Meeting (10th of October)

1 Dev group

We planned to finish 4 big projects in 2 months (client V3, reversibility of free mode, opening of Ark to players, opening of Silan). But we realize that delay is too short and we loose time testing and running several big projects together. This is why we decided to space their implementations for one month, excepted Ark (very big project), that will be done in 2 steps over several months.

1.1 v3 clients
 - Windows clients migration from 2.1 to 3.0 occured october the 7 and was quite well. Some bugs and unexpected things where rapidely corrected (several patches this week-end) : a sound bug, a bug in crafting, a problem with 32b Windows, an other with Windows XP :  http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/25929.
- A Ryzom Installer Manual has just been writen, it will be translated and published soon.
- A first press release on the V3 is published : http://linuxfr.org/news/les-clients-officiels-de-ryzom-migrent-de -la-version-2-1-a-la-version-3-0, don't hesitate to tell us if you find other ones!
- In few days, the Linux clients will move to V3 either, then Mac clients very soon (no dates at the moment, we still have to test).

1.2 Reversibility of paying mode
- Its implemetation is reported to november for the previous reasons.

1.3 Opening of Ryzom Arkitect tool (Ark) to players
 - Ulukyn makes good progresses on the edition part. The interface looks like old Ring, with object placement with the mouse.
- There are 4000 usable objects (shapes): all what makes the Ryzom universe (body parts, weapons, armor, buildings, objects ...). These shapes are still not sorted. The idea is to add tags to sort each shape  (ex : tag "object", tag "matis"...). Ryzom Forge will easily be able to make new .shape to expand the .shape objects base.
- Precision : the Ark tool is closed source, all the creations will be free. All that will be published on Ark will be cc-by-SA.
- Addition of some collisions (wall) that will be resizable, activable and unactivable (for example : blocked path if door is closed, free if door is open).
- Ark scene editor will be available for the players in november.
- Scenarios editor is scheduled in january.

Q: Since server code is AGPL, and ARK is globaly part of it, isn't it intended to be also AGPL ?
A: As Ark is made by people under NDA for Winch Gate who is the original editor of Ryzom Core code, he has no requirement to use this licence.

1.4 Opening of Silan
- It implementation is reported to february for the reasons we talked about in the beginning.

1.5 Ryzom Forge repository on bitbucket
This repository aims to centralize all RF works, it's at this address  https://bitbucket.org/ryzomforge/.


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