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[Done] Ryzom will move to a real Free to Play concept!

There are already lots of F2P coming in, not paying, and leaving. Most of my friends list is this way.

Making ryzom fremium will not change this, it will only benefit older players who want to come back

We may soon see the biggest population ever (of older players at least)

Some of them will re-sub

There is no down side to this, runescape does it, eve is doing it and guild wars wont be a good excuse to get away anymore (one time payment there)

If you feel like content is lacking, well.. play "limited" and pay when you feel there is enough.

This is an excellent change

Im not sure this will be true. From what I understand all my gear and such will be limited to 150. In other words it will be pretty much like it was before the closing of the 3 servers.

If I can't play as a level 250 I won't bother logging in as all the work I would do in game won't mean anything.


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