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[Done] Ryzom will move to a real Free to Play concept!

- Exess toobs are desabled : when you are near the stable its just like when you are fare away.

- when you log in free to play, the gear you have equiped that you cant equip as a free to play players are not equiped on you neither on your bag ( to avoid full bag problem ).
They are like quest reward when bag is full, you have to go to the stable master to take them.

- it may be to much a work to lower the passives and stanzas to thoses of a lvl 150, just limite gear.

- limit all gear to lvl 150, so you could be lvl 150 so have lvl 150+25 = 175 jewels, just alow lvl 150 jewel to equip, so its easy to explain and understand.

- free = 150 max, so you can equip a 150 pick, dig in 150 zone, so gather up to lvl 200 mats, but only can equip lvl 150 tool to craft.

- so OK, an ex payed account who is lvl 200 in melee can't ding anymore but keep all the passives and stanzas he got, its just a little bonus he have for been an ex payed player, not big deal and an incentive to pay now and then just to improve a bit your free to play toon.
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