Extend the aura of Ryzom with XMPP

I really like this idea !
I'm aware of the dark part of this idea which is allow newcomers to have an XMPP adress. It can become a huge thing and lots of requests for the server if people subscribe only for this and use it, so it can be limited to the subscribers to begin.
I think it's not that bad to see people with an if they ask for an adress, they will use it and spread the name of Ryzom with there friends.

Is there a feature very interesting : XEP-0070: Verifying HTTP Requests via XMPP basically this XEP allow xmpp user to log in without typing password, the webserver send a notification to the xmpp client, you have to agree not witch lead to a login or a fail.
A post about this XEP (in french) e-a-xmpp
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