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Good Day and hugss everyone :)

Well, Morning time is relative... I am probably not on in your morning, however, I did have a number of chances to get to have fun when you were around. Loved when you pulled Giant Yubos or tiny Vorkoos out of thin air. Or little tiny kincher and big big Frippos were always a treat to see! lol

We will miss your CSR'ing for us, it was a lot of fun and appreciated. Thanks for all your hard work. To you it was probably not work, probably fun too by your attitude in the game. However, please don't feel like you are not useful, I think you are my favorite CSR even though I don't know you to well. I have only been playing since 2010.

Think of all the wisdom of Atys you have gained from the beggining. It is information you can share with new ones helping out now.

It is non-the-less nice to hear you are sticking around, but 'differently.' I am happy to hear that :D so, Please have fun while actually playing the game again, and don't hesitate to help again! Hope to see you out there on the rootball Sengosha.

*Great big Hugs!*

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