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Good Day and hugss everyone :)

Good Day and hugss everyone :slightly_smiling_face:
This is a very hard post to write.
I have been with Ryzom since we started beta testing it. In fact, my husband use to tease me on how much time I spent, maybe tease is not quite the word.  But we had many words.
I want to say it was around 2003, and then played 2004 and became a CSR in Apr 2005.  One of the most exciting things to happen.
I have seen many people and staff come and go,  I had hoped that I would be here until the very end.  But as I get older, really older, much older, I find it is harder to keep up with the changes that occur.  I feel I am no longer useful, so I have decided to retire from the Support Team.  The Support Team is awesome.  They work hard, as do the Event Team and all the other ones.  But Support Team is better than most in other games, and I have played a lot.
I will always remember you all.  I have always cared about all of the players, and I have done the best I could.
I want to thank everyone Support, Events, and all for all the help they have given to me.  I will really miss them every day.
It was a hard decision a very hard one, the tears are still flowing.  But I will still be in game.  My player has suffered from neglect and think I might have to restart one.  
So I won't be entirely gone, but just won't be able to greet you all every morning.
There are really to many to list but you know who you are that are on early in the morning.
So see you all in game, tho you won't know who I am :slightly_smiling_face:
Giant hugss everyone, Love you all. You are my family.
GM Sengosha
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