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Some variation of stats of materials between continents?

Additional thoughts

Part of the goal of making all the stats the same can logically be guessed at: equality. It would be unfair that, it certain random variations produced something exceptionally good in just one land.

I propose then
Allow the user to keep the "base stats" OR use it's slightly altered form (per mat)


3 Sha + Silvio is a standard mix, but you could do

1 Sha jungle special + 2 Sha jungle normal + silvio
or just stick with 3+3 no changes

Why? Because base recipes have been around for years and should be kept working.

It would encourage people to go to different lands, collect different mats, trade, etc, but not upset anything that is already in place

Perhaps variations should only be in non-pr mats, that could stop potential issues with sups (planning for counter arguments)


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