Loved - Tips and "Rules" for solo trekkers

Personally, I never recommend retrying unless you absolutely know the aggro pattern is temporary.

For example:

Trench of Trials is significantly more difficult during Winter. There are many kinchers, and with their huge aggro range, they drastically limit the paths you can take and the alternative routes around other aggro. Sure, you may eventually "win", in the sense that out of sheer luck you find an opening. But said success is not repeatable.

Another example, winter, the ramp in Great Outback. It is full of kirostas, and no matter how long you wait, they will never sit in a configuration allowing you to pass through. Even if you get lucky with it, once you commit to moving, they may also change position and see you. With MPA+speed it may be doable, but overall winter is the worst season to attempt traveling there..


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